Tournaments G.uSa.C vs The World [Won by The World]


Ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelts
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s/o 1v1 and UU for concept

("art" by BigFatMantis )
co-hosted by BigFatMantis and Theia

U.S.A. (8) vs (13) The World
GSC Ubers: BigFatMantis vs Conflict
GSC Ubers: Autistic Soviet vs Isa
GSC Ubers: kenny vs M Dragon
GSC OU: Siatam vs Vileman
GSC OU: Monai vs susciety
GSC OU: cb aaron judge vs Aliss
GSC OU: Deezcastforms vs Nalorium
GSC OU: gastlies vs hellpowna
GSC OU: Concept Everything vs Chiles Habaneros
GSC OU + Ho-Oh & Celebi: RealJester vs BKC
GSC OU + Ho-Oh & Celebi: TibarnWasTaken vs Fear
GSC UU: pp's splash town vs dawnbuster
GSC UU: col49 vs Inder
GSC UU + Aerodactyl & Muk: Mystras vs Real FV13
GSC NU: innovamania vs Estarossa
GSC NU: Oathkeeper vs SANKE CARP
GSC PU: sleid vs DiannieRatson
GSC PU: reggg vs Raahel
GSC ZU: LustfulLice vs Hitmonstars
GSC UUBL: BeeOrSomething vs Celebiii
GSC Bo5: MrSoup vs vani
GSC LC: Zcarlett vs Quinn
GSC Random Battles Bo3: Referrals vs Amaranth
GSC Monotype: For 4LOM vs corvere

Replays are mandatory!
The deadline to get your matches played is Sunday, January 14th at 11:59pm -5
FIGHT FOR YOUR COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR REGION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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